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Meeting in Joliette

on 15th of november 2009
Restaurant chez Benny’s

An other strongly interesting meeting for the 21 person attending that friendly breakfest organized with the collaborationm of Raymond Trudel and somer cousins Preville living in the Joliette area. Thanks to all participants!

The Association des Familles Cottenoir/Cotnoir expanded with the adhesion of 4 members coming from the Preville's branch of our great family. 12 cousins Preville were at this meeting and they were very active in exchanging information on their family and their origins. We also received many photos of their ancestors. Now the evidence is unquestionable, all the Preville attending this meeting are our cousins and are the descendants of Joseph Etienne Cottenoir, born in 1738, grand grand son of Athoyne Cotternoirr.

The meeting was very intersting for the website but so cordial with people we didn't know before. Now we can assert that the name Preville is narrowly connected to our ancestor and the name Preville shoul be asociated to the Cottenoirs/Cotnoirs. As a result of this situation, our association will be going under the name of  :

L’Association des Cottenoir/Cotnoir/Préville.

We invite your to look at some photos taken at the time of the meeting and we are hoping that it will stir you up to attend futur meetings.

Mario Cottenoir, Carole Girard, Michel Cottenoir, Jocelyne beaulieu, Raymonde Trudel, Louise Fafard et Denis Préville
Rear table: René, Pierre et Ross Préville

Facing : Andrée et Denise Préville, Mario Cottenoir

At the rear: Louise Fafard, René Préville, Raymonde trudel, Alain, Pierre et Ross Préville, George John
Front rowt: Denis, Denised et Andrtée Préville et Jean Malo

Mario Cottenoir, Carole Girard, Michel Cottenoir et Jocelyne Beaulieu

Front row : Fernand Lefebvre, Pauline Cotnoir, Rachel Demers Linda Lambert

At the rear : Raymond Cotnoir et Raymond Trudel