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Brunch at Trois-Rivieres
On August 30th 2009
Restaurant Sieur de Laviolette

With the collaboration of Jerome (Jerry) Cotnoir, a very friendly meeting was held at this restaurant where 12 people were able to meet distant cousins and discuss about their origins. We had representatives from 4 strains of Cottenoirs and Cotnoirs from different regions as Quebec, Drummondville, Trois-Rivieres and Blainville.
This meeting was an opportunity to increase our bank of photos and expand the circle of members of the Association of Families Cottenoir / Cotnoir which now has 36 members in good standing.
Those meetings are well appreciate by the attendance and we invite Cottenoir / Cotnoir from other regions to come forward and we would be happy to meet them at the time of a breakfast or brunch. Feel free to contact us via the tab ''Contact Us'' or by phone (450) 979-0503.
Thanks to Jerry and those who were there.
We invite you to take a look on photographs taken during the brunch.

Raymond Cotnoir Webmaster

Left side: marie-Claire Guevin, Lucielle and Pierrette Baril, Pauline, Jérôme (Jerry) and Real Cotnoir
Right side:Yvan Cottenoir, Marielle Daneault, Rachel Demers, Fernand Lefebvre et Lise Fugère

Lise Fugère, Fernand Lefebvre, Raymond Cotnoir, Marielle Daneaul Yvan Cottenoir

Marie-Claire Guevin, Lucille and Pierrette Baril, Pauline and Jérôme (Jerry) Cotnoir