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Raymond Cotnoir president
Association des Cottenoir/Cotnoir/Preville

Family Reunion in Laval, September 2008

On September 21, 2008 we organized a first brunch of the expanded Cottenoire/Cottenoir/Cotnoir family. 37 people met for this occasion at the Le Diner Ste Rose Restaurant.

It was an occasion to join together descendants of Jérémie Cottenoire, Joseph Hildedge Cotnoir and Dollard Cotnoir. It was very pleasant to exchange on the origins of our respective families.

Each person present appreciated the exchanges and for the majority of the people present, it was great for us to meet distant cousins which we did not suspect the existence before this meeting.

Unanimity was created around an idea: to renew this experience. Here are some photographs of this memorable meeting:

Mathieu, Alain and Simon Giguère, Éric, Michel and Alain Cottenoir

Raymond Trudel, Sylvain Chartier, Richard Denis, Geneviève, Dominique and  Raymond Cotnoir


Gilles and Nicolas Chartier, Martine and Richard Cotnoir, Justine, Philippe and Denis Chartier, Sylvie Decorwin


Marie-Claire Guévin, Yvan Cottenoir, Suzanne Cotnoir,  Maude, Chantal  and Guillaume Marchand


France, Stéphanie, Sylvie, Engelbert II, Carole Cottenoire, Jocelyne Beaulieu, Johanne Cottenoire and Manon Gagnon


Jacques Cotnoir, Raymond Trudel and Raymond Cotnoir
(talking genealogie…)

We are planning to make other meetings of this kind in the areas where some of Cottenoire/Cottenoir/Cotnoir are located, if you are interested. Contact us to make your suggestions.

Thank you
Raymond Cotnoir, webmaster


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