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Joseph Hildedge Cottenoire (1874-1966) and of Alida Goulet  (1873-1940)

Family Reunion - August 10th, 2007

This get-together was held at the Gillies Bay camp in Latulippe in county of Témiscamingue.

In total, 73 family members took part in this event, all descendants of Joseph Hildedge and their spouses and children.

It was an occasion for some to visit the location of the ancestral farm in St-Bruno-de-Guigues and to visit Fortunat’s house which was moved to the village.

In afternoon of August 11 and throughout the weekend, we exchanged our memories and in evening, people sang several songs which reminded them of many evenings spent around Rose-Aimee’s piano, Fortunat’s wife, at the farm next to Joseph's.

At the time of the brunch on Sunday morning, several expressed their wish that this meeting not be the only one and this site is an obvious result of this first meeting.

A photo album was given to each participant, the contents of which are found on this website.

It is however unfortunate that among Joseph and Alida’s eleven children, only Fortunat, Eva, Léo and Georges had family members present.  I do not wish to blame anyone because several of the descendants of the 9 children who have continued the family line, could not be reached whereas others had prior obligations.

I would like to point out the collaboration of all cousins who gathered the photographs and various documents that the participants saw in the album.

In the pages which follow, you will be able to see some photographs taken at the time of this event, hoping that it will give you the taste for take part in a forthcoming meeting. Unfortunately several people could not be photographed and we apologize to them.

Raymond Cotnoir, Organizer
Family Reunion 2007

Painting by Gisèle Cotnoir-Lussier, portrait of Fortunat's farm in the 50s


Florianne Cotnoir-Ranno and Raymond Cotnoir in front of the family tree handmade by Florianne going back up 16 generations.


Gisèle Cotnoir-Lussier, her doughter Diane-Alice et Florianne Cotnoir-RannoGisèle and Florianne daughters of Léo Cotnoir 3e son de Joseph


Pierrette, Réjeanne et Lucille Baril, daughters of Éva, 2nd child of Joseph


Huguette(8th), Aimé(3rd) and Jean-Guy (4th),  last survivors of Fortunat's children


Raymond, Suzanne and Luc, the three children of Roger, 2nd son of Fortunat


Michel, Gilbert, Geneviève and François surrounding their father, Jean-Guy


Liliane, Sylvie Gauthier, Louis Rheault, Anne-Marie Bergeron-Cotnoir(épouse de Ghislain décédé) 
Luc Lacroix, Louise, her son Jean-Michel, Pierre Lesage et Micheline


The Babyboomers
François(Jean-Guy)Richard(Gabriel), Martin(Gérald) Liliane(Ghislain) Annie(Renald)
Carole(Clairette), Diane-Alice(Gisèle),Genevièvre(Jean-Guy),Rachelle and Claudette(Laurent) Manon)Renald)
Suzanne(Roger), Denis(Ghislaine), Luc  and Raymond(Roger),Raymond(Clairette), Micheline(Ghislain)Michel(Jean-Guy),Louise (Ghislain)


Descendants of Joseph Hildedge (husbands and wives)


Some members of the Y generation
Anthony Cotnoir, Dany Ipperciel, Jean-Michel Cotnoir-Lacroix, Chantal Viau, Julie Cotnoir, Caroline Cotnoir
Myriam and Sophie Cotnoir, Justine and Nicolas Chartier


Some members of the Y generation with their children :
Liam & Dany Ipperciel, Maude & Chantal Viau, Tim, Tammy and  third baby & Caroline Cotnoir-Brooks, Nathan & Annie Cotnoir


Exchanging memories before diner



Other activities:

Family Reunion in Laval (2008)