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Held on May 3, 2009 at the Restaurant du Boulevard

This meeting was the second of the year 2009. Thank you with the 22 people who moved. We had people from Drummondville, Quebec, Richelieu, Trois Rivières, Gatineau and Coaticook. Several had brought photographs which were inserted in the photo album of the site.

The exchanges were very cordial and all were charmed to share their memories in front of a good lunch. Here thus some photographs taken at the time of the meeting allowing you to visualize the participants and participating in this event. Photographs were taken by my joint, Rachel Demers. (Absent from the photographs: Linda Lambert, Raymond Trudel's spouse)

Andrée Plante, Marielle Daneau Rolande Chapdeleine, Réal Cotnoir, Jean-Guy Simoneau

From the back left side :Céline Cotnoir,Marcel Paquette,Pauline Cotnoir
From the back right side : Murielle Cotnoir,Simone Cotnoir,Fernand Lefebvre

Raymond Cotnor, Raymond Trudel, Pierrette Baril

Réjeanne Baril, Sonya Boutin, Pierrette Cotnoir

Denis Richard, Geneviève Cotnoir, Lucille Baril

Thank you for being there
Raymond Cotnoir