Those descendants of Anthoyne Cottenoyre served or are actually serving in foreing countries as member of the Canadian Forces or of The United States Army and their different corps in order to restore the peace, to protect civilians and to fight agains tyranny and despotic leaders who look down on their population's rights

Donald Jr.Champigny is the son of Donald Lucien Champigny and Brenda Cotnoir. He served in Kowait as a member of The US Army as well as in Iraq where he still in mission till september 2011. He is a member of the Army Nationa Guard. His grand-father, Lucien Adrien Champigny as served in the Canadian RAF in the past.
Philippe Cotnoir is a member of the Canadian Forces and actually (2011) is serving in Afghanistan. He is the son of Yvon Cotnoir and Nicole Amyot descendants of Georges Henry Cotnoir.
Major Eric Cottenoir is a member of the Royal 22nd regiment of the Canadian Forces. He is the son of Yvan Cottenoir and Marie-Claire Guévin and he is of the 4th generation of militaries in this family. He is actually serving in Africa where he is responsable in part of the training at the Peacekeeping School Alioune Blondin Beye in Bamako