Emblème des Cotnoir
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Note: The association is now
incorporated under the name: L'Association des Cottenoir/Cotnoir/Préville


In the summer of 2007, a meeting of descendants of Joseph Hildège Cotnoir occurred on the shores of Lake des Quinze in the Témiscamingue area. From this meeting the idea was hatched to push the experience further and attempt to reach Cotnoirs of other families and other regions. The website was created and many people participated by providing us with information on their families and origins.

On March 29, 2009, during our brunch held in Gatineau, we launched the idea of forming an Association of Cottenoir / Cotnoir / Preville and 32 participants from the Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Montérégie, Centre du Quebec, the Laurentians and of course the National Capital Region have all shown great interest in the project. The first steps were initiated and 17 heads of these families have paid their dues set at $ 20 to begin the process of incorporation of the Association. I want to thank them for the confidence that these people have demonstrated. Besides all these people have received their membership card on site.

The year 2009 allowed us to recruit 36 members and in 2010 we count on 42 members. The support of these members and some donors enabled us to defray the costs of our application for incorporation and maintain the website. In March 2010, with the support of people involved, I made the request for incorporation. These convinced volunteers are Johanne Cottenoir, Jacques Cotnoir,Pierre Preville, Rachel Demers and your humble serviteur. We were provisional directors of the Association.

On August 7, 2010, we received our certificate of incorporation as well as our license dated April 27, 2010. We are incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act (Canada) as a non-profit organization (NPO) On August 28, 2010, the provisional directors as well as Pauline Cotnoir who agreed to be involved in Corporation met at the headquarters of the corporation located at 32 81st Avenue East, Blainville (Quebec) to meet the requirements of the Act, appoint the directors standing, ratify the regulations of the corporation and other considerations. At this meeting, the following persons have been nominated and accepted the following functions:

Raymond Cotnoir

(450) 979-0503

Richard Corriveau|
Centre du Québec-L'Estrie
(819) 840-5725
Alain Préville
450) 753-9452
Alain Cottenoir
(450) 6615-3348
Jacques Cotnoir
(819) 424-1912

Yvan Cottenoir
Québec, Saguenay Lac-St-Jean, Gaspésie, Côte-Nord
(418) 842-5957


Of course we invite other people to join the board of directors to represent regions that have no representative presently as the Abitibi-Témiscamingue,Outaouais -Ontario and the Sherbrooke regions. Tell us about your interest, we will be pleasd to enclose you. Meanwhile, if you do not have the necessary availability, you can always join the Association and provide information about your family.

While recognizing that we do not all have the same interests nor the same availability or health necessary to engage in an adventure like this, it would be very encouraging if you make an effort to participate. This would demonstrate solidarity and interest to join the group of descendants of Anthoyne Cottenoir who agreed to take up the challenge to create our association.

A detailed report of revenues and expenses provided by Raymond Cotnoir was analyzed and approved by the directors of the corporation. The balance of funds collected by Raymond Cotnoir during the years 2007-2008 in 2009 and 2010 in the amount of $ 417.88 was paid to the account of the Association. As of now, if you join the Association or to donate, you must make your check payable to: Association des Cottenoir / Cotnoir / Preville and send it to the headquarters of the corporation. Membership card costs only $ 20 and with your support, we can increase the services to members and organize events, or other gatherings.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Raymond Cotnoir president
Association des Cottenoir/Cotnoir/Préville
(450) 979-0503
32, 81e Avenue Est
Blainville Qc J7C 1V7

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