Emblème des Cotnoir
Our Coat of Arms


(Written in1953 by Joseph Narcisse Cotnoir OMI)

Dear families,

Let us weigh the importance of this name " Cotnoir" and let us respect it as it deserves.

The man who counts in his descendants a famous general and other considerable characters is very flattered when one says in front of him the merit of this ancestor and he endeavors not to make any act of negligence which can darken the glare of the name of this illustrated predessor which he transmits to his descendants like an invaluable family heritage.

And us of the "Cotnoir family"; let us be honoured with this beautiful name. We are the members of a family illustrated on the battle fields by glorious feat of arms. History traces us up until the ninth century, under Charlemagne, our ascendant. Three centuries later, one of ours belonged to the Crusades and left to defend the Holy Places. It is good what arises from the blazon of the family and that you can see on the copy which is given to you today reporting the history of our ancestor. Granted the title of Lord. I have in my possession a document coming from Paris signed " of Cotnoir".

Name written in the original manner "coat-noire" because of the black wool coat carried to war by our predecessor and which was used by him as shield. A first name is added to this name it is that of Préville "Cotnoir dit Préville" as indicated in the genealogical dictionary of Monseigneur Tanguay. However nobody thinks to join this first name to our family name "Cotnoir". Either that to write "de Cotnoir", a part of nobility lost during the ages and which indicates our title of seigneuriale family, thus granted shortly after the Crusades, to which our very famous ancestor took part as as officer. The science of the family coat of arms began at the end of the twelfth century and it then that it starts obeying laws and taking a character. At that time, families establish charters and directories intended to prove the authenticity of the armorial bearings and each family coat of arms becomes owned and transferable property.

This coat of arms includes the external armorial bearings and ornaments. The latter indicate the row. And for us who see the armor and the helmet of a soldier, we see that our famous ancestor was man of war, a soldier.

Dear parents, allow me to add to this data what follows. My father has just died, December 5, 1952, in his 90-year long career, he built 1,000 houses and formed a training school where 75 students have graducated in their trade.

In the year 1916, year of my sacerdotal ordination at Oblats, my father built a new and vast residence which one indicated at the village as a "château".

Dear family, all that is told to you in these lines was done in the firm hope of relating the history of our family name to you to give you a legitimate reason for our pride in our family name. Sons of nobility, love your Ancestors.

J. Narcisse Cotnoir
Oblat of Immaculate Marie
" Bene Merenti"