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August 22, 2014||
Name: Chandler Briggs
Message: Greetings, I have Philomene in my family tree, her marriage to Octave produced, among others, Evelina, who married William Jean Baptiste Morrisseau and had, among others, Edward Joseph Morrisseau, who is my direct Grandfather on my mother's side. I am interested in finding the heritage of Philomene because I have been told there is Indian in our blood and my current hypothesis is that it comes from her. Perhaps you can help me confirm or deny this.|
Sorry about my last e-mail. I see that her name was Preville married to Cyprien Marion in 1868. Unfortunately we don't have any information concerning her indian blood. It is pretended that some of her ancestors "Cotnoir" could have been married to an indian female, but no evidence of that have been found up to date.

All we have about her ancestors doesn't show any sign of indian blood. Her father, Charles Preville and her mother Angèle Geoffroy were married in Ste Elisabeth (small city near Joliette Qc) in 1819. On her mother side We have only the name of her father Nicolas Geoffroy and her mother was Angelique Levesques.
No further search was made on their family tree but if you searche under the followin link maybe you can find what you'r looking for: http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?genealogie=Levesque_Marie-Angelique&pid=1150880&lng=fr

Hope this will help you.|

May 5, 2014

Name: keith |Cotnoir
Message: Hello. Bonjour, I was looking for the form you mention that I can find on Jacques Cotnoir web page. I would like to update our family informations.
My Grandfather was Henri Cotnoir and my father is D'arcy Cotnoir
Merci, thank you
Hello Keith

Here is the link to our data for the Cotnoir's family tree:  http://www.classicalacarte.net/Genealogie2013/Cotnoir120313/main.htm
You can find this link under the index tab called Family tree on our website. You will find all information you can need.
To add information on our data, You'll find in the middle of this page the following sentence: 
Pour une ou plusieurs nouvelles inscriptions, cliquer ici.
Click on the red part of it and you will be directed on the correct form. You have to complete a form for each individual you have to add.
Hope this answers your request properly
Bye the way, do you know that your grandfather and my great-grandfather (Fortunat) were brothers?
Great to have this contact with you!

Feb 19, 2014
Name: Eugenia Tsantinis
Dear Sir or Madam:
We are compiling a bio-bibliography of Franco-American writers in French and Rev. Narcisse Cotnoir is among them. We are looking for a photo/picture of him and are hoping your organization might have one.
Eugenia Tsantinis
French Institute/Assumption College
We have two documents on which there is a photo of Father Cotnoir. I'll send them by email. Hope it will be to your satisfaction.
Raymond Cotnoir

June 9, 2012

I just want to give my symphaty to the family of a very kind and warm person Bernard Cotnoir. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the good times i had with Bernard, even if we dont meet in person im so thankful that i met him. I will miss his advice once i got a problem...
he will always in my prayers and thoughts...
I found this website coz he told me once that he make some articles regarding his stay here in Manila. I enjoyed reading it, also knowing of his family ancestor...

Thanks for your message. Your sympathy is transferd to Bernard's family

From Lance Tringue
Feb 10 2012

Any information you could share about Desanges Cotnoir would be very much appreciated. Born 1850 or 1860 in Quebec. Married name was Choiniere, Thank you

Yes we found some information on Desanges Cotnoir which I sent it to you in a private message. Hope these will help you. Thanks for the interest you take in our family

From Jo-Ann Noone
June 27 2011

I was in contact with a gentleman back a few months ago and was searching for an aunt of mine who was married to the above Lucien Cotnoir.
I have uncovered further information and promised him I would pass on anything in future for his files.
I do apologize, but I didn't save the em's and can't remember the name.
Would you kindly inquire as to whom I was in contact with and let me know the name, so I can email him?
Much appreciated

J Charlebois-Noone
NB, Canada

Hello Jo-Ann

We've been in contact in the past regarding Lucien Cotnoir. think that you're looking for me or Raymond Trudel who is our genealogist. His e-mail has been sent in a personal message
If this information does'nt satisfy your request, please contact me directly, I'm very concerned about Lucien Cotnoir's mariage.


From J. Noone On february 10, 2010

Message: I am searching for an uncle by the name of Norman, Normand Cotnoir who was born in Quebec. He was married to a Velma Charlebois (1924-1998) from Simcoe County, Perkinsfield, Ontario. They had 3 children, Diane, Carol & 1 boy. We are not sure of the son's name, but think it might be James or Jamie. They lived in the Chicoutami district, near Montreal.
We believe that Norm was born appx 1919 to 1920.
I went through the list of albums and came across a Lucien Normand Cotnoir w/father Albert Cottenoire 1894 & mother Lillianne LaPlante 1917. There was no date of birth or marriage information that I could find on him though.
I would appreciate any assistance that you could give me in my search for these relatives?
Thank you
J Noone (nee: Charlebois)

Answer: We found some information on your uncle but because those informations are personal I sent you a message on your private e-mail address. Thank you for your interest for our website.
Raymond Cotnoir Webmaster


From LanceTrinque on December 30, 2010

Message: Im looking for any information about my ggggrandmother Desange Cotnoir. My grandmother said she was native canadian and dressed in indian clothing her entire life. I am very curious about what tribe she was affiliated with and know she was from the Trois Rivieres area of Quebec. She married Michel Choinire and lived out her life in Woonsockett R.I. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Lance Trinque.

Answer: We have Marie Desanges Cotnoir in our datas born on april 23, 1850. I sent a detailed message to your personnal e-mail adress. Hope this will be helpfull
Raymond Cotnoir Webmaster


From Madeleine Minard
October 4th 2010

Message: I came upon your site while resurching the Cotnoir genealogy.I find your site very interesting. My maiden name is Madeleine Cotnoir and was born in Ste-Hermenegilde,P.Q.,my father was Henri Cotnoir married my mother Jeanne Arrelle in 1938 in Ste-Edwidge,P.Q.I have 6 brothers and one sister, all living in the U.S. I can provide lots of info regarding my immediate family. Keep up the good work !

Answer: Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. A more detailed message has been sent to you regarding the informations on your family.


From: Nathalie Connor
sept 12 2010

Message: Hello!

I am wondering how I might get in touch with any relatives of Phillippe's brother Lazare Simoneau. I am his great-grand daughter and would love to connect with family. Perhaps Jean-Guy or Gerard would be my best bets.
I would appreciate any assistance you can provide me!
Thank you very much.

Nathalie Connor
PS I was thrilled to see the photo of Lazare!

Hello Nathalie

I'm pleased to note that our website has been of some interest for you and your research on your family tree. I'll inform Jean-Guy about your request and I'll make sure that he will follow up. But knowing Jean-Guy, I don't have any question about it
Hope this will give you the opportuneness to get in touch with some members of your family.
If I can be of some help in the future feel free to contact me.
Raymond Cotnoir, webmaster


From: "Facebook" <notification+ky2wxaea@facebookmail.com>
To: "Raymond Cotnoir" <raymond.cotnoir@videotron.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 8:06 PM
Subject: Ralph Cotnoir vous a envoyé un message sur Facebook...

Ralph vous a envoyé un message.

Objet : family

"thank you for sending me the information on our family . i learned things from the website i had no clue about . i would like to add my familys information to the family tree but my wife may have to show me how. i have called my brother dan and given him the the website you provided and he is going to check it out . i've also asked him to inform my father. i will try to get with my uncle robert this week . he lives in laconia new hampshire.thanks again for responding . i look forward to sharing info withyou.      
ralph cotnoir"

Thank you for your concern about our great family and I'm happy that you discovered things you didn't know thanks to our website. Since you joined us by facebook, We prefer to maintain contact with our cousins in a personal way so that personnal informations stay confidential.
That'i why I answered you out of facebook Hoping to read your again and to receive informations about your ancestors.

Raymond Cotnoir Webmaster

On Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 14:57:09 Eric Cotnoir wrote :
Message: Nobody ever filled me on my family history before. Good job guys. My dad is from Northern Ontario around Hailybury, but I grew up in Quebec.I don't know most of them, but this site is going to help!Eric

Answer: Hello Eric,
Thanks for your appreciation.
Did you find your family tree on our site? So far, from the information you gave, I think that your father should be Romeo's son or grand son . What is your father's or grand father's name? If you didn't find your ancestors,we will be able to help you with those informations.By the way I insert your e-mail in our data so that you'll receive newsfrom us about the site and activities in the future.

Thanks again for your interest.
Raymond Cotnoir
From: Jack Ricketts
To: Raymond Cotnoir
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 3:35 PM
Subject: Re: A new web site

Message:Hello Cousin Raymond,

Thank you so much for sharing your web site with me. I was very impressed and overwhelmed with the information available.  It is always exciting to make contact with a new cousin and share our family's information.
It is always great to have our family information confirmed by others. I am very interested in what you say about the Cottnoir family coat of arms. If I understand the information on your site this coat of arms is entitled to the descendants of Antoine Cottnoir of whom I am a descendant.

You indicated in your email that you are interested in information, documents, etc from others. If there is anything on our website that you would like to add to your please feel free to do so. Or if there is any questions we can help you with we would be glad to do so. (see www.jackandpatt.com)

Thanks again for sharing and hope to hear from you again

Jack Ricketts
Redondo Beach, California

Answer:-Hello Jack

I read again your mail and I noted that I did'nt answer to your question regarding the family coat of arms.
You're perfectly right, it is the coat of arm of our ancestors, going back to the beginning of the Middle Ages when one of them was ranked in the knighthood society in France. We don't have the information on his name neigther the area he lived at that time. In a little while I should receive a better picture of it so we can upgrade the one we have on our site.
Hope this is to your satisfaction.

Raymond Cotnoir