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During our research of the church registers, we discovered several variations of the family name “Cotnoir”. Although we begin this site with the arrival of Anthoine Cottenoir in Canada, the family name is recorded under the names of Cottenoire, Cottenoir, Cotenoire, Cotenoir, Cotnoire, Cotnoir, Quotenoire, Quotenoir, Quotnoir. The name of the individuals registered in this genealogical register are as it is registered in the church registers.

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Other Cotnoir Family Sites:

1. Website by Jacques Cotnoir:

You're looking for your ancestors? You can search for a great number of our ancestors at the following website:
This website is in french but here is some help: You will see a bronzed window, click in it, then you'll see an alphabetic index, click on the proper letter for the family name of your known ancestor, then in the left window scroll down till you see your ancestor first name, click on it and check if he is the good individual and after you have the good individual, click on his father's name (nom du père). By repeating the last operation you should be able to go back to Anthoyne Cottenoyre. If you have any difficulty or can't find your ancestors, please contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to help you if you tell us the name of your known ancestor. Thank you!


You can see in the left side of the present page "Album Photo". This part is related with some families who send us photos of their family. Regarding the family tree information, this part goes back till the middle of the 19th century, date from which we can find photograpies. if you can help to increase this part of our website, you're welcome by sending your family photos, historical documents or anecdotes.

This site is graciously placed at our disposal by Jacques Cotnoir and the informations it contains were provided by Jacques Cotnoir's searches and other names were added from other searches made by Raymond Trudel, Jean-Louis Cotnoir, Jean-Jacques Préville and Ross Préville. This fine workmanship adds up to more than 12 500 names in our family tree. Some descendants sent us informations on their own family and we ask people who can complete our informations to forward them to us. We encourage you to fill out the form found on the bottom of the page of Jacques Cotnoir's website noted above and to complete the information with as much accuracy as possible. You may forward it by email to by mail at the address indicated on the site. Thank you.
Raymond Trudel

2. Site by Jack Ricketts:

Distant relatives, Jack Ricketts and his wife Patt had the marvellous idea to put together a website of their ancestors and their family. Jack is a descendant of the Cotnoirs, one of which, Antoine Cotnoir, son of Antoine Cotnoir and Sophie Giguère, would have changed his name to "Menoche" towards the end of the 19th century after having emigrated to Massachussett.  I encourage you to visit their website at:http://www.jackandpatt.com.

3. Krueger's family website:

We know that Floriane Cotnoir-Ranno worked hard on her own family tree and she made a very interesting find about Philomene Cottenoir, born in the middle of the 19th century . She was the eldest child of François-Olivier Cotnoir and Julie Goulet.She was the sister of Louis Trefflé Cottenoir, Florianne's great-grandfather. Philomene married Octave Olivier in 1858. Looking forward she found that Philomene appears on the Krueger family tree' website and ther is a photo of her on that website. You may have a look on that website at: http://thomaskruegerfamily.wordpress.com/author/cthomas1967/

Here is the beginning of our family tree, starting with Anthoyne Cottenoir, born in France in 1657.

Family Tree

First and Second Generation


Anthoyne Cottenoir

1657- 4 mai 1731


15 fev 1683 -
9 fev 1711


19 aout 1688 -
9 aout 1759


bet. 1688-1691 -


abt 1691-


28 oct 1693 -
14 jan 1710


19 aout 1696 -
29 dec 1746

Marie Catherine

3 avr 1702-


3 fev 1704 -
19 juin 1789


abt 1706 -
24 mars 1763

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