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Our Coat of Arms


A blazon has true importance only if one knows the elements of them and their significances. The blazon incarnates a historical digest which illustrates the past and the present, and directs a glance towards the future.

Cimier represents the individual or family values related to the blazon.

The ox is met out of weapon which appears in profile has to distinguish it a twist of hair on the face.

The Helmet of knight is the external ornament most glorious.

The lambrequins are in the beginning the part of torn fabric, posed on the helmet.

The color silver represents the light, the purity and the virtue.

The red “mouth” is associated with the love, valour, strength, the passion and the need for conquest.

The Ecu represents the shield; it is the support of the emblems of a family.

The reamed cross of mouths (cross of the crusaders dating from the year 1000)

Five Shells of gold is celestial sign of light, audacity, superiority, will and power. (With the Middle Ages, the shell had become an emblem of pilgrimage) book of Jouffroy d' Eschavannes

*Excerpt: Complete treaty of the Science of the Blazon, with the use of the Bibliophiles (Provided by Johanne Cottenoir)

The Cottenoir/Cotnoir/Preville Families of America


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Welcome on the official site containing the genealogical data of the Cottenoir / Cotnoir / Préville families. The data has been updated as January 2017.

This data bank is made up of about 18,000 individuals within 7375 families. The researches were undertaken over more than 20 years ago by various collaborators such as Raymond Trudel, Jean-Jacques Préville, Jean-Louis Cotnoir, Ross Préville, Jacques Cotnoir. The data base has been compiled by Raymond Trudel. It is now beeing upkept by Jacques Cotnoir. Any addition or correction should be sent to his care.
This data base is a work in progress and it is a fundamental element of our assocation - initiated and animated for many years by
Raymond Cotnoir.
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Did you know that among the 5000 most common family names in the Province of Quebec, the Cottenoirs/Cotnoirs hold the 1500th place with 0,009% of the population and the Previlles are in the 1700th place with 0,006% ?
(ref: Institut de la Statistique du Québec 2005)

Some historical notes about our common ancestor: Antoine Cottenoyre (? -1731) Our first ancestor
arriving in New France

Son of François Cottenoyre and Marie Coppin, unknown place of origin. He arrived in Canada in 1679 or before, because he undertakes on November 13th , accompanied by Vincent Boubriau said Laviolette, Louis Lecomte-Dupré, eight hundred planks ten feet long by eleven to twelve inches wide with 320 pounds payable in goods. He bought on January 19th 1680, from Nicolas Cacheux a land of two acres in front of the seigniory Villier which would become the seigniory of Bécancour.
He paies 150 pounds for this home. He stays on his land of Bécancour. However the 1681 census, he is recorded as a servant for the lord LeMoyne of the manor Ste Marie and his stated age is 40 years, which tells us that he was born around 1641.
Shortly after that census he lived for Gentilly area.He married in the presence of the notary Cusson, on Monday of April, 27th 1682, with Marguerite Provencher, born around 1665, daughter of Sebastien Provencher and Marguerite Manchon. They got married at Cap-de-la-Madeleine
on Tuesday 28 April 1682. From their union were born eight children.
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Jean Lemoine, lord of Sainte-Marie, concedes a land in his lordship. On 2nd of August 1685, he actually delivered. He acknowledged having to refund the same Jean Lemoyne, 18th of February 1687, the sum of 50 pounds which he
promises to pay in beaverhide which tells us that he was engaged in the fur trade.
He buys in Bécancour, the land of Pierre Guillet said Lajeunesse and refund the purchase by an annual payment of 50 pounds. On May the 4th 1690, Guillet gives hm a quittance for 40 pounds on this subject. On the 6th of August, he has to refund merchant Pierre Le Boulanger du Cap-de-la-Madeleine, the sum of 1013 pounds and 1 penny for goods. The Lord Pierre Robineau, on the 2nd of April 1692, grants him a land of four acres in front of his lordship of Bécancour. On the 9th of March 1693, he has to refund 88 pounds 2 pennies and 3 pences for goods received from François Chorel.
Once again, he will reimburse in beaverhide. After the death of Sebastien Provencher, his wife is entitled to her share and participate in sharing the land on the 5th of February 1711. In May 1718, he purchased from Charles Besnier a land of four acres in front of Ile Dupas, which he sells to his son Antoine, at a price of 150 pounds on 15 May. His son Antoine sells this land to his brothers, François and Étienne who committed to take care for their parents. Only Étienne is faithful to his commitment. So Anthoine ended his days with Étienne. He died at Isle Dupas on May the 4th, 1731.

We invite your to read about the history of Becancour-Villiers,(in french )Click here.
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Source: Michel Langlois, "Biographical Dictionary of ancestors Quebec (1608-1700), Tome 1,

Our cousins Previlles: Who are they? What is the link with The Cottenoirs?

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A Note from the Webmasters:

This site is created in order to alow all the descendants of Anthoine Cottenoire who bear the name of Cottenoir still today or the names of Cotnoir or Préville, to learn about their origins, their history and their ancestors. Naturally, a great number of descendants of Cottenoire bear other names, related by marriage and we are proud to count them among our big family.
You will find on this site historical accounts, photographs and anecdotes which will also inform you about our ancestors of course but also from the time of colonization, the development of Quebec and the phenomenon of the Québécois emigration towards the United States at the 19th century.
A family tree, which was assembled starting from official historical documents and solicited information, is placed at your disposal for consultation. If you do not find your ancestors here or cannot establish thelink with your family, you are invited to communicate with us and give us the most information you have on your own ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents etc) as well as members of your immediate family in order to complete our information. We will gladly carry out research for you.
Do not hesitate to introduce yourself by sending us your coordinates. You are invited to send us your
comments and documents of historical interests (memories, photographs etc), This will help us to maintain an accurate and interactive website thanks to your participation and support. A database will help us to you let you know by email of significant updates to the site and upcoming activities.

The authors of this site are direct descendants of Joseph Hildedge Cotnoir, which are the 6th generation descendants of Anthoine Cottenoire, the first member of the family to immigrate to Canada in the 17th century. In 2007, a first get together of the Cotnoir family, descendants of Joseph Hildedge,was organised on the edge of Lake des Quinze in Latulippe, county of Témiscamingue. We were only a few miles from where our great-grandfather landed in 1901 to raise his family of 11 children, after a stay with Lowell Massachussetts where he had married and had his first three children.
We were happy to receive 73 cousins and had a very happy get together. The idea to find out more about our ancestry started to take shape. This site is one of the results of our ideas to reach out to all members of our family.
The webmasters of this site are Raymond Cotnoir and Angèle Foisy, great-grandson and great-granddaughter of Joseph Hildedge. Genealogical research was carried out by Raymond Trudel another great-grandson of this same ancestor.
We hope you enjoy surfing our website and we invite you to come back regularly, new information, notice of events and updates will be posted here regularly.

Raymond Cotnoir and Angele Foisy


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Gisele Cotnoir-Lussier was one of the exhibitors at the Visual Arts Gallery SunyAdirondack located
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Counterpoint is a portfolio of work commenting on the poem Objects by Gertrude Stein. Printmakers
were asked to collaborate with a partner in creating one work that reflects the ideas put forth in the
poem. Numerous printmaking processes are represented. This exhibition will take place eventually
in Indiana, California and Montreal. Celine Dallaire and Gisele Cotnoir-Lussier with their work of art in
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